AnySpliter - An Easy Use File Split and Conjoin Software v1.0

Version : v1.0
Update : April 22, 2012
Size : 92KB
Platform : Win98/NT/2000/XP/2003,Vista/7
Category : Utilities & Tools - File & Disk Management
Price : US$ 9.95

Description :

AnySpliter is a simple and easy use file split software, it's a green software with both file split function and file conjoin function, it's widely used and very helpful in scenarios that need to split large file into smaller parts.

The File Split Function:

1. Support splitting for any type of files,(txt, doc, xls, ppt, exe, wav, mp3, avi, vob, ...).

2. Can split file into any number of parts, even can save only 1 bye for a splitted file.

3. The format of splitted file name is like: original-filename_sequence-number.xst, for example:




4. Show progress bar during file splitting.

The File Conjoin Function:

1. Conjoin the splitted parts back to the original file by simply locating the first splitted part.

2. Can delete the splitted parts after file conjoin completed.

3. Show progress bar during file conjoining.

Notice: The AnySpliter (version 1.0) supports to split any files that not exceeds 2G in size, and support to conjoin back to the original file. Unregistered version allows to split file into 2 parts, and registered version has no limitation.

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AnySpliter - An Easy Use File Split and Conjoin Software v1.0
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