GRE Writing Conqueror 1.0.4

Version : 1.0.4
Update : January 10, 2009
Size : 6.9MB
Platform : Win95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003,Vista
Category : Education & Science - Language
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Description :

Excellent, unique software designed especially for conquering the GRE Writing. 5 powerful modules: Practice of Writing, Practice of Synonym Replacement, Practice of Typing, Practice of Refining Sentence, Test Mode.

★Practice of Writing

The process of improving the ability of writing is the process of learning from model essays for reference and digesting their essence. In this module, you can take advantage of a large amount of brilliant references and powerful templates to practicing writing effectively. Including: Collection of powerful Writing Templates, Classification and syllabus for Issue and Argument Topics, Model Essays of Score 6, Typical logic errors for Argument, GRE classic Sentence Patterns, GRE Essential Sentence Patterns for Writing, Absolutely Necessary Sentence Patterns, 200 Key Sentences, Complete Reference for Number and Classifier, Common Verbs and its Objects, Collection of Common Idioms, Collection of Quotation, Gnomology, Collection of Apothegm, 1000 Selected Proverbs, Collection of Brilliant Sentences, Universal Reason for Writing ...

★Practice of Synonym Replacement

As GRE Writing, you must NOT copy the key vocabulary in topic into your writing in order to get high score. Practice of replacement of synonym is absolutely necessary for every aspiring testers. The training in this module is unique, fascinating, and effective.

★Practice of Typing

It is the first one that equipped with powerful function of typing training to improve the speed of input among all GRE preparation utilities. Including: Train of Fingers(Lower Case, Upper Case, Number, Symbols),Practice Typing by GRE Vocabulary, Practice Typing by Sample Essay of Score of 6, A funny and challenging game( Little Bird Seeking Food.)

★Practice of Refining Sentence

Refine your crude sentence and write in typical English.

★Test Mode

Inspect your writing skills, and familiar with the environment of test.

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GRE Writing Conqueror 1.0.4
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