GetResources Tool 10.0.0

Version : 10.0.0
Update : November 16, 2013
Size : 9.80MB
Platform : Win95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003,Vista/7
Category : Utilities & Tools - Network
Price : US$ 9.95

Description :

GetResources tool is a network resource extraction tool. It can extract network resources, include extract all web text, picture, music, film, flash, and now the popular Flv file, that is Flash Video Film (for example, YOUTUBE videos) and Preservation website, web snapshot etc...... all network resources. See also can be save. The software can also preview file. All extracted files can be preview. The resources as you can see, it can be extracted. Quick and simple. As everyone familiar the IE interface. As long as you open the GetResources and then understand. Apart from it extract IE resources. It also can extract Non-ie resources. For example, as the "51Mike" KALAOK inside MTV form file. I believe that many people love it, etc ...... As long as it is a multimedia files. By the GetResources can do!

Get Resources! Get All! It is the essential tool for everyone.

Home page: GetResourcesTool Website

Download link 1: GetResourcesTool.exe

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GetResources Tool 10.0.0
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